Manifest (English)

BUNT – the Belgrade New Artistic Territory – was initiated spontaneously in 2013. BUNT is a means of expressing support for the fine arts as well as for artistic values, professional criteria and the civilisational accomplishments of the 21st century.
BUNT stands up for these artistic, professional and civilisational values, all of which are of the utmost importance and which must not be neglected or degraded.
BUNT stands firmly against the current cultural climate in which culture is undergoing a process of cheapening and ‘tabloidisation’.
BUNT helps artists to do good work and to advance professionally.
BUNT presents a bold programme which is different from the current cheap and uniform cultural offering.
BUNT stands against the fact that Serbia’s cities, including its capital, no longer have an official concert season.
BUNT opens up a space for some of our most talented artists, especially those of the younger generation, and helps them revive their enthusiasm, energy and sense of perspective.
BUNT is inclusive, offering people with special needs the chance to participate in creating and performing music.
BUNT gathers people who believe that music represents diversity, in terms of a wealth of forms, participants, ensembles, performers, musical pieces and authors, as well as range of styles, epochs, musical directions, ideas and tastes.
BUNT is apolitical and not-for-profit. It relies on art, professionalism, the good will of individuals, and the interest of the general public.
Music continues to bend under the pressure of crises, politics, poverty, carelessness, and above all, of a conscious and/or subconscious neglect of everything holding true artistic value.
BUNT is an example of working differently, of working with enthusiasm, of enjoying our right to be different, and of meeting the highest professional and artistic criteria.
BUNT is still BUNT. It continues its mission even though it still receives no support from the state, three years on.

Whose BUNT? Our BUNT.